A Thing That Shouldn't Bother Me That Bothers Me

I realize that I have problems with this blog. I don't have a focus, I don't have a weekly pattern, I don't work very hard on my posts or offer any really insightful or interesting advice, personal or business-related. I write it mostly for friends that I don't see, and my mom, and myself, because I sometimes like to go back and read old posts and I like that all of my pictures and some of my thoughts are in one location. And I do read a lot of other blogs, though I don't tend to comment on them and have never worked to create a network or connections with other bloggers. All of which is to say that I shouldn't criticize. But. But I don't understand blog posts that are actually privates messages to individuals. For instance, I'm not crazy about mommy bloggers who post their tributes to their kids as they turn 3 months, 4 months, 5 months old. I do understand it a little bit--it's a written record in a forum the person is using regularly (so, it's easier to just build that task in to the daily blogging anyway), and the kid could ostensibly look back and go, "Oh, yeah, I was a real hellion when I was three--I had forgotten I stuffed all my birthday cake into my mouth at once!" And probably that would be nice for the kid to have this public, open record, but maybe not. And it's pretty much never interesting to read (maybe it is if you have kids).

But more incomprehensible than the monthly mommy blog child updates are the public love letters to spouse or partners. I just saw one of those today. I just think there are times when a written letter or a private email or a card or some other one-on-one communication makes more sense. It seems completely self-indulgent and obnoxious to me that a person would want to write a love letter to someone else on his/her blog, for everyone to read. And again, I haven't read any of them that defy cliche in any startling way. Mostly, the message is, "Honey bear, we've seen the best of times, and we've seen the worst of times...together. I hope we make it. You will always be my honey bee bear bee-babee because I love you now more than I can remember ever loving you before..." I can't imagine writing one to Dan like that.

Dearest Dan,

Remember that yoga pose you taught me? Remember that time I pulled that hair out of your mole and it bled a little and you didn't get mad? Remember how we used to run on the beach, holding hands, your golden retriever chasing sea gulls behind us, except wait, that was someone else. But the most important thing is that I want to do that with you too, especially (and probably only if) you get a dog.

Much love on this, our second anniversary from breaking up the third time and getting back together forever,

Your Li'l Coconut Drop


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