Facebook Reveals: We Are Aging

The odd thing about Facebook is that it allows you this voyeuristic way to see how your friends turned out. Like the guy I had a crush on in high school--the one who didn't like me because I wasn't holy enough (even though I was saved like six times to try to get his attention)--I can see him with his family now, even though we haven't spoken in 20 years or more. Or the one from college who I always felt like I had to genuflect in front of; I can see that he's still pursuing the acting dream, and now has his own line of T-shirts with his face on them. And it's also how I found out that a girl in the class year before me died--people were posting goodbye messages to her Facebook account (which I think is weird; Daddy, will Mommy be reading my Facebook messages in heaven? Yes, honey, God has Verizon Internet). And then it's shocking how old some of my high school friends look. And how many of them got boob jobs. And are still living in Florida sporting 30 years worth of tanning that has turned them into brown leather. Then that makes me realize that I am old too; I don't look any younger than them. I saw this one guy who I remembered as looking like this in high school:

And now he looks like this:

And then I have to think, Oh, yeah, I don't look the same either. We are old now.


Leigh Ann said…
You went to high school with Paul Rudd????