More Cats Than You Can Shake a Dog At

Mary, a writer in the PS Monday night writing class I teach, sent me along this fantastic link to a blog called Catsparella. I think you will enjoy this particular entry, as it pertains to cats in hats:

Anyway, thanks, Mary. And here is a photo of a fairly tame Halloween outfit that you can put on your cat without taking away too much of his dignity:

Tonight, I will go to the writing class I take and we will listen to our peers discuss the book we read this week. Next, we will go around the room and share our research topics. Dan and I were laughing about how I could present a completely ridiculous topic amid all of the academic ones, like, The Domestic North American Short Hair, and my whole essay could be about Emma Carol. I could include a PowerPoint presentation of her in different modes--sleeping, eating, falling asleep while eating, biting, hissing, and trying to get outside. Instead, I will attempt to behave and talk instead about my wildly interesting topic of organ donation.


danny Fernandez said…
love the power point idea.
you made me laugh as always
catsparella said…
Lovely blog you have here! Thanks for the mention! <3