No Pictures Today

That's because I have been lazy and not walking in the mornings. Or going to the gym after work. I just eat miniature Snickers bars and try not to worry about it. I also have to get up my Halloween decorations because almost every window on my street is decorated with ghosts and pumpkins and Mickey Mouse dressed as a skeleton. My house looks cranky in comparison. Perhaps I'll go all out and buy an inflatable haunted house (see example to the left).

I finished reading Lizzie this week; a nonfiction book about the notorious Lizzie Borden. It wasn't very good. The author made a claim that her sister, Emma Borden, was the real killer, but he had no evidence to back this up--no letters, no confession, no conversation overheard--so it was kind of hard to believe him at all. Next up, we're reading Zora Neale Hurston in my class--excerpts from Their Eyes Were Watching God and Mules and Men. Also, I checked out a few books on organ donation and transplantation for my project, so that should be some nice light reading with dinner.

Here is that old Mickey Mouse Haunted House cartoon for your viewing pleasure.