Friday Photos Including a Pug

A couple of weeks ago, Lisa Marie and I found a yard sale and stopped to browse. As a result, she bought a cute little black dress that she wore to her opening of her awesome art film, Troupe de Fetishe which you can now see at the Crane Arts building in Fishtown. I bought two pair of shoes for $4 total. These are the boots.

And these are the red Mary Jane heels. I seldom wear heels b/c I quite often fall over, but these have a thick heel, so I am able to wobble around in them almost seamlessly.

Then the other day, Dan took me to Green Street and I found this coat/sweater. It's good for chilly weather, but won't be enough for cold winter snow. It works for now.

Oh, and these are the two leather things I got Lisa Marie for her birthday (I can put them up now b/c her birthday was yesterday). I don't really know what they're for, but I got them at Jane in Princeton. Luke saw them while he was eating a bagel at Starbucks and asked me if he could squeeze his cream cheese in one. I said no.

Okay, and now it's time for Halloween window photos. I think this one is unnecessarily scary.

And not so scary!
I like the green spiders.
Skeletons and hearts go together.

Bad luck kitty cat.
And this dog wouldn't even look at me. He was too busy pining for someone to come home.

Cat in sunshine.

I think this is the Grim Reaper.Another window on my street.

And another. You can't see this very well unless you click on it, but it's a black candelabra.

Minnie and Mickey Mouse in costume. Also on my street.

Oh, and this is a pug dog that Leigh Ann and I saw at lunch. She asked me to take a picture of the dog for our co-worker, Carol.

Her name is Molly.
And we fell in love.


I found it rather synchronistic that we both wore our garage sale treasures on the same day to the same place!!! I love my little leather do-dads. At the moment they are holding paper clips and push pins. If you squint hard enough and focus just on those containers I actually appear to be a very organized person.
Leigh Ann said…
Molly is ridunk.
Anonymous said…
Hello, you site is very funny he told me to cheer up .. Merry Christmas.