Dying to Get in There

It appears as though Dan may be purchasing a two-bedroom condo in lovely Princeton. The condo would be in walking distance of Luke's school and, more importantly, it would allow Dan and I to have watch TV after Luke goes to bed (right now, in his one-bedroom apartment, Luke's bed is in the living room. Not only do we have to go to bed when he goes to bed at 9 PM, we also end up watching kids shows like Finneas and Ferb and Halloweentown High, though never Hannah Montana, thank God).

Here is the back yard. You can see the air conditioning units in the distance, which means that the place does have forced air.

The neighbor's porch.
This is the front door and the realtor, Shirley. It's just an eerie coincidence that Luke also has a frog named Shirley.

Foliage. Someone is growing baby tomatoes there.

Dan and Shirley headed for the back yard. I should mention that Luke took some of these pictures.

The front of the condos.

View from the front door to the neighbor's houses.

Kitchen. Kind of bland, but has all new appliances and a dishwasher.

Stairs leading up to the second floor. It also has a full, clean basement that can be converted into an artist's studio or playroom.

The stairs part two. There's a huge window and room for shelves along the stairwell.

Luke took this picture of the attic door in the ceiling between the bedrooms.

This would be Luke's room. You can't tell from this photo, but one of the interesting things about the place is that it borders a cemetery. If you look out Luke's window, you'll see headstones in the distance. I didn't make a big deal about it, in case Luke prematurely started to develop the night terrors that will inevitably befall him after they move in.

The second floor bathroom.

Washer and dryer in a closet on the second floor.

Dan haunting his own hallway.
Two windows in the master bedroom.

This is the little WC on the first floor.

View of the living room from the foyer.

View of the foyer from the living room.

Small back patio. Squint and you may be able to see the cemetery.

It's an end unit, so there shouldn't be any noise from the neighbors.

Kitchen. Dan might put in a breakfast bar with stools.

That's it. It's nice. It's not fancy, but with some paint, it could have character and the location is unbelievable.


Anonymous said…
I like the condo. I can see the potential with the kitchen. A little paint goes along way.

NICE! Congrats.

BTW, Bella needs that blue hat still...