Naked Bones

It's been six months since my last appointment with Dr.Abboud/Keith Olbermann (they are twins). So, today, I was really excited to go back and get another X-ray and see how far I've come with the broken humerus. I think it does look a lot, lot better, but it's still not totally meshing together. See:

Do I like thinner in these photos?

I still can't believe I did this to myself.

Fort his picture, I had to lie down on a gurney and have my arm propped out on a metal drawer while also holding up the X-ray screen thing with my left hand.

He said it would take another year before it was completely healed. No discus throwing for me until then.


Lisa Marie said…
I can't believe it is still healing. One would think it would hurt or something. I love seeing your skeleton pictures on the internet. So intimate and yet so scientifically objective.