Leigh Ann and I were just laughing out loud at this clip from Curb Your Enthusiasm (which reminds me, someone told me that her/his mom still thinks LOL means "Lots of Love"). We were only watching this on one of our two 15 minute breaks during the day, NOT during work hours. It's Larry David fighting with a guy who's talking on his Bluetooth phone during dinner. I love it because I wish I had the guts to say or do something when people are talking really loud on their phones and I'm a captive audience. For instance, people do this on the subway now more and more and it makes me want to pinch them.

The other thing that made me laugh today was this book I was paging through at Barnes and Noble, Creepiosity: A hilarious guide to the unintentionally creepy, by David Bickel. He lists things like Bruce Jenner's heavily plastic surgery-ied face, old women wearing ponytails, and locking eyes with a squirrel for too long. It makes me want to