Stuffing and Things

I'm not sure what to do with today. Will be going over to Carrie and Padhraig's, but that's not for a few hours. I didn't really sleep in today--I perhaps need a new hobby. Or a baby. I told A. that if I got the Pew Fellowship, I'd use it to buy a baby just like Angelina Jolie. I think that's why people have kids, in part, out of the boring sameness of every day and then as a reason to keep waking up in the morning, a way for their life to be meaningful. Like, as long as their kid turns out okay, doesn't kill himself and others in a drunk driving accident or go on a shooting spree, if he just grows up to be a responsible adult, then life will have meant something. Does it matter that my cats are well-adjusted and friendly? (Well, and that's not entirely true. Henri still sometimes runs from me and only just got used to a guy being over occasionally. He did show himself when Liz was here a few weekends ago, which I thought was so cute. He remembers her!). Did not go out last night even though it's supposedly the biggest party night in the entire history of the world. I didn't realize that. Instead, I stayed home and added more songs to my i-pod, including the incredibly addictive song by Beyonce, "Single Ladies." I told my work peeps that we should learn the dance that goes with it and perform it at the holiday party. I could just see me and the two Eileen's dancing while everyone else watched in utter horror.

Here's a song I forgot all about "Your Love," by The Outfield. It reminds me of 11th grade and making out with Jimmy Deputy at a party in St. Pete. I met him through drama competitions; he went to a different high school. I think when we were kissing I asked him to say lines from the play he was in. I also made out with his friend, Eric Anderson (not the same night). But I liked Jimmy better. Still, I don't understand a few of the words of this song. For instance, "As you leave please won't you close the door...And you forget what I told...Just cause you like it don't bean around" ?

I have been invited to attend this event on Saturday with my friends at work, Donegal Ball. Have you heard of it? It's supposed to be chock full of friendly Irish men and you have to dress up. My friend's daughter is competing in some kind of pageant associated with it. I will wear my new secondhand black dress and try to get Padhraig to teach me some Irish phrases today at dinner (he'll say, That's racist.).

Tomorrow will be day two of filming Lisa Marie's final project. I have to spit watermelon seeds which makes me really uncomfortable for some reason. We filmed the grocery store scene last weekend--all I had to do for that was push a grocery cart loaded with watermelons past the produce aisle. So far, no real acting has been required.