My New Favorite Show

I have long thought that there must be some reason I pay $60 a month to watch TV, though before this weekend, I couldn't tell you what exactly the reason was...I don't watch any of the network shows--can't stand the crybaby face of Meredith on Grey's Anatomy and don't find Desperate Housewives with its cloying voice over narration to be anywhere near as clever as it thinks it is; don't have the patience for the humorlessness of CSI and, though I do like Hugh Laurie in House, they haven't seemed to run any new episodes in the last two years. But then this weekend, I happened to catch an episode of It's Me or the Dog on Animal Planet. Dumbest title for a show ever, but it's so a sweet little premise--this slight British woman with a long ponytail and bangs comes into houses and teaches dog owners to manage their pets and all of the peace and harmony is restored in the house. It's like Supernanny for dogs. I watched three episodes in a row, while my cats sat around in various states of slumber and non-misbehavior, with the exception of Ernesto who broke yet another water class of mine. I would get a dog in a heartbeat if I didn't have cats, but alas...


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