Overdue Halloween photos

Many moons seem to have passed since Halloween in Brooklyn, but the pictures are finally here, posted, for your viewing pleasure or displeasure, depending on your taste. Below, please find Luke ignoring me (and everyone) on the subway from Brooklyn to Manhattan's Soho District where we had a great dinner of noodles and went shopping at this strange H&M-like, Japanese store. You can also see more of these lovely photos on my Flickr page, should you be so inclined.

An artistic picture of the treats at the party taken by Miss Carrie:

This is Padhraig with his mask on his head. He looks stone cold drunk, but he really wasn't. The cats were getting to him, he claims.

Okay, a little out of order here, but this is us reading The New York Times Sunday paper in Park Slope's park. My legs are quite bare and freezing. I forced us to leave soon after. Liz made me the knit hat I'm wearing.

Back to Halloween. This is Kathy dressed as Wednesday from The Addams Family. She's an actor and so knows how to use facial expressions well.

Liz dressed as backwards lady in mid-clap with Luke, who I think might have been Father Time?

And, in another out of order photo, you will find Padhraig browsing the book section at the Strand. I was looking for Buddhist books in the religious section which was teeming with smelly old men. Really.

Me and Luke. I look like I've been crying but that's only because i was laughing so hard about something or other. You can just make out the Tooth Fairy wings behind me.

In the other photo, note the white pieces on my headband. Those are little white teeth I made out of clay. Around my neck, you can just make out the gigantic tooth I fashioned into a necklace.

Oh, and my favorite photo and favorite costumes from the whole night can be found below. Carrie is dressed as Marie Antoinette after the guillotine (please note her slashed neck) and Padhraig, I guess, is her lackey. Matching wigs = very cute.