Blog Fatigue

Re-re-re-realized the other day that I've been keeping a blog since 2002 and probably a year or two before that time because I used to have a xanga blog in the very, very beginning. The earlier blog(s) I wrote in even more sporadically than I do now--like maybe a few times a month. Lately, I haven't felt much like keeping up with writing here, even on the weekends when I have the extra time. I still write in my journal most mornings for fifteen minutes or so, and I used to make lists of blog post ideas at the conclusion of those entries, but I just don't feel like it so much anymore. Maybe it's cyclical and I'll come back to it soon. It is gratifying and interesting to me to go back and read old posts, you know, from when I lived in State College, especially since I have such a spotty memory and so can be surprised again and again by the same information (in fact, in another couple of months, you'll probably see another post that reads, Gee, I've been keeping a blog for quite a long time now! as if I had just discovered it anew).

I will look cute at work today, but it's costing me because this black pleated skirt (with sewed in slip) bites cruelly into my waist and these black boots aren't shaped to my feet either. I was telling someone the other day--oh, Mr. A.--that if I wish I could have someone dress me in the mornings--like a personal stylist. Just so I don't have to spend 15 minutes each morning looking at the same clothes or the new clothes with the old clothes. The other thing I have thought about doing for awhile is taking pictures of good outfits when I think of them...Like, today is a cute outfit that sort of fell together, but I can almost guarantee that I won't ever remember it again. If I just had a Polaroid. Also grabbed again at the V.S. marketing ploy--this is where they send you a gift card for a free pair of panties and $10 off any bra. I don't need either, but I still went and now yet another bra that I don't need.