Friday Photos, Part 765

The pumpkins are still happening around my neighborhood--I guess because they are a staple of fall weather. Though we are not currently experiencing fall weather--more like "global warming mid-spring" temperatures.

I took this picture on election night--I forget why I was walking home from work. It must've been a nice night. Anyway, it seemed like a weighty moment in history and then I happened to be passing City Hall with poor William Penn perpetually stuck at the top like a little lightning rod, and the sky really looked purple with possibility, which was what I was hoping the rest of the night would deliver on. And it did. Just as an aside, and though I like the whole "Yes, we can" slogan, it would be a funny bit for a small, badly run business like, "Yes, we can. But not until next Friday."
This is the house across the street from where I live. The first sign of way too early Christmas cheer, almost a full 8 weeks ahead of its time.

Here is a sign that exemplifies a lot of the South Philly attitude:

The clock I see when I walk from the subway to the building I work. This photo illustrates both that I was running late that day, and that many of the students here seemed to be pro-Obama.

Saucy kitty cat jack-o-lantern.

No Virgin Mary's this week, but here is your dose of Buddhism.