Friday Photos and Merry Thanksgiving

These little girl and boy plastic pilgrims are quite popular. I have managed to capture two window displays using them. I like the attempt at symmetry here with the Phillie flags also in each upper pane.
Devil dog peeking out of the window panels. I bet he sits there for hours during the day. On my block, I believe we have one dog owned by this hipster couple across the street from me. I am not complaining...It's better to have none than to have a bunch of barking Chihuahuas.

Happy bus. Clearly, someone has time traveled from 1965.

Elaborate Thanksgiving extravaganza display. Lights, turkeys, scarecrows, dead wreaths--everything you could ever associate with fall and abundance/death.

Pilgrims Progress again. I remember in elementary school that we made little cylindrical place settings of pilgrims just like these out of construction paper. I don't remember hearing much about the Native Americans. In third grade, my sense of history ran something like: God created worlds, Jesus was crucified, Columbus discovered America, the Indians had dinner with Chris, tea was poured into the water in Boston, Laura Ingalls rode in a covered wagon, women wore hoop skirts and embroidered (ala Little Women), the Civil War broke out starring Scarlett O'Hara, Lincoln got shot at a movie, Anne Frank wrote in her diary, they dropped the bombs, and Jimmy Carter was elected president.

This is sort of a weird photo I took of this construction site on Broad Street. The site has a fence around it and is also covered with this mysterious and dirty cotton sheet, but there are occasional holes in it, through which you can see the blue, blue sky. This is sort of how I think about things sometimes--it's this constant challenge to get out from under the muck of day to day ennui and unimportant tasks and find the sky.