President Obama!!

Oh, thank God, my prayers were answered! My favorite thing about the whole night is that Florida went for Obama. Justice, finally. I've spend the last six hours listening to NPR and they are so so so slow in announcing anything and you can tell they're getting tired, so finally, at 11 p.m., I turned on the TV, just as CNN was projecting that Obama would win. Shortly after that, Florida went blue, blue, blue! I called my mom and woke her up--she's been working at the polls for the last two nights and was just too tired to stay up. And look how much by how much he won--it's a landslide. Someone on NPR pointed out that even in Obama's lifetime, his own parents would've been arrested for riding on the bus together because in 1961 when he was born, it was illegal for blacks and whites to sit together. Amazing.

Carrie said this weekend that she was anticipating the election in the same way that she used to think about Christmas...nervous and excited and a little worried that maybe she has been a bad girl after all and may not get what she wants...Well, Carrie, I think you must've been a very good girl.

Obama will speak soon...McCain's concession speech was gracious, especially in that he didn't allow S. Palin say anything. She had clearly just had her bangs hair-sprayed into place. People keep talking about how she'll have a lot more to say in the days and months to come. I don't think so, or, if she does, it will be on like The View or Martha Stewart. I think she's going to go back to Alaska and get arrested for all of the illegal things she's done with her state's funds.

I'm still in awe. I really thought that we as a country were just a bunch of racist rednecks. But this makes me have to gladly rethink that perception. Please, please, please keep him safe.


Lisa Marie said…
I can't believe it either! Yay!
Aimee said…
It's exciting, yes???