For those of you who have been paying attention, today was to be the day that the mama kitty would go to the vet and have her reproductive organs removed so that she wouldn't continue to give us more and more kittens. This morning, Mr. D. and I attempted to get her from the big dog cage into the little cat cage. I did about five things wrong, beginning with freaking her out by putting the little cat cage inside the bigger one, thinking she would just run into the safety of the smaller one and I could shut it. Instead, she got out and jumped on the windowsill to wedge herself between the screen and the window. Mr. D, with towels swaddling his hands, tried to grab her, but it was like trying to catch hold of a live wire or a firecracker with claws and teeth. He got bit but soldiered on. She fought and flattened herself further against the screen, like, she appeared to change forms into something more like liquid than cat form. Finally, she pressed so hard against the screen that it popped out of the window and she bounded away across the roof, free at last, god almighty that fucking cat is free at last, again. The wild kingdom rejoiced. And so she will not be fixed. Or caught again. After over a week of captivity, she can roam around without impediment and have tens of thousands of kittens. I actually stomped my foot in frustration, more than once, like Eloise at the Plaza. But damn it, what a waste of time and energy just to have her get away at the last second. Mr. D. has suggested that I never ever ever do this again. He said I might as well try catching squirrels or possums or other wild animals because she is a feral cat, not unlike other wild things. DAMN IT though. Later, we joked about how I should try catching feral ponies to keep them from having kittens. He asked me if I knew where I might a trap big enough to catch a pony. I am sure there are and so I am off to Assateague Island in Maryland to begin my next save-the-universe-one-pointless-animal-at-a-time campaign. Did see the kittens today at Padhraig's and that made me feel a little better. They're friendly and fluffy and kittenish.
I also did some laundry and watched HBO's Big Love. Consequently, I've decided not to ever be a polygamist. So that's two things I'll never do in my life; marrying a man with other wives and save feral cats who would much rather be living on the streets.