Girlfriend in a Coma

Do you really think she'll pull through?

Here is the winner of "The Biggest Flyers fan in South Philadelphia" contest. As I said in a previous post, it seems clear to me that no woman could live at this house. Later, we might learn that the owner is actually a lady. But I sincerely doubt it.

On another subject, I had a conversation with this girl in my philosophy/pop culture class who has cerebral palsy. She gets around with a walker but if you were to just look at her sitting in her swivel chair in the classroom, you wouldn't necessarily know that she has a disability. She was telling me on Tuesday that she's had several people approach her on the streets and ask her if they can pray over her. She says, Sure. They lay their hands on her and pray for the Lord to heal her and, when they're done, they ask her if she feels better. She says, Well, I know I'm never going to walk again, but thank you. Hearing this made me realize that if I had a disability, I would be a total bitch. I would not be patient and kind and tolerant. I would say, Hey, fuck you, I might never walk again but at least I wouldn't have to go around with your ugly face. I would spit and growl at people for feeling sorry for me. I would be infuriated all the time, I'm sure of it.

Have been thinking lately about how great it is to write and receive letters. Because of the Internet and email and cell phones and whatever else, people don't write each other anymore. Stamps are used for bills (which you can also pay online) , but not for writing people you love. Just got a great, great, awesome letter in the mail today, one that made me pause and wish I could go back in time to a day where letter-writing were the norm. When was the last time you wrote someone a letter or received one? It's very gratifying. Now it is my turn to write back. I have to say that I prefer the pen to the computer. I always write my stories in long-hand first and then transcribe them to the computer. On the page, you can see all of your flaws and missteps. There is no delete key. It's more honest somehow. Remember how your mom used to make you write thank you notes to your grandma for the rabbit bank she sent you? And how you hated it? But also how you loved getting a letter from your pen pal or your cousin or whoever else. This is me telling you to send a letter to someone right now. That's what I'm going to do.