It's Nineteen O'Clock

I am fortunate to live near a church whose bells peal once an hour. I seriously do like this sound, but the funny thing is that this particular church often seems to go above and beyond the number of bells required. I was walking home the other day around six p.m. and heard the bells, registered the sound absently, and then realized that it didn't stop after what would reasonably be six dongs. I started counting and reached nineteen before it finished.
Other sounds on or near my street:

1. The previously mentioned, incessant ding-a-ling music from the ice cream truck.

2. My neighbors screaming at one another (this doesn't happen often; I called the police the last time they were arguing and nothing much happened. The cops did show up but they didn't stay long).

3. Mexican music at all hours. I can often only hear the repetitive bass sound.

4. The little kids riding their big wheels and bikes up and down the street and yelling and laughing. I like this sound too.

5. Pigeons cooing as they land on the wall in my backyard to eat whatever cat food is left over.

6. The pitiful meowing of the mama cat trapped in my second bedroom. Little does she know that she will soon go under the knife. For $20, the Philly PSPCA will fix any feral cat and will also give them their shots. My mother is worried that I will keep the mama cat instead of letting her go out into the wild. This is increasingly unlikely. She won't stop hissing at me and I have another wound on my hand from trying to pet her after having 14 glasses of wine. Bad idea. Owie. Her kittens have been adopted out including the two that Padhraig and Carrie are keeping, Piper and Paul Skoles. I get to check in on them this up-coming week as C and P are travelling to foreign lands, France and Ireland, to be exact.

The other picture here features my pretty-pretty friend Celia and the profile of my other pretty-pretty friend, Irina at Devil's Alley where you can get sangria for a mere $3 during happy hour. The other photos I took were blurry, of course. I need to take a class in digital photography.