For All You Ladies

There is nothing sexier than a man dressed in 1970s clothing and wearing roller skates. If you don't believe me, check this hot video from Flight of the Conchords: (courtesy of my good friend, Cecilia).

In other news, I found out on Monday that I got a full scholarship to attend a writing retreat at Rosemont College, thanks to the generous women of Philadelphia Stories. They are paying for the tuition and for room and board, a bill of $900 that I could never afford on my own. This means that I get to spend an entire seven days in the wilderness of Rosemont and can also take yoga classes. If you feel generous, please give to Philadelphia Stories, as they truly do support the arts and me.


jess said…
wow! congratulations!! lots of great news at once! when will you at rosemont? it's right down the street from my parents place...
Liz said…
Hey Aimee - that's great. You'll be back on the night of the 14th to hang out with my brother, right?
jordynn said…
Yay! That's awesome!

BTW, are you watching the Bachelorette? I can't believe the dorks they picked out for her, except for

1) Jason, the single dad
2) Jeremy, the cute attorney with the dog
3) Maybe the science teacher

Can you believe the virgin pro football player? Or the blond "resort manager" with the spiked hair? Or the black belt karate master? OMG her choices suck!!!!
jordynn said…
Her dressed is cut down to her navel. It looks droopy.