Another cat has appeared, less than two weeks since we had to put Gretel to sleep. Amanda and Kim found him chasing a butterfly in an alcove while they were on a smoke break. They captured him and put him in my office where he immediately went to sleep under my chair. I don't know what to think. He's very cute and he's affectionate and sweet, but Henri hasn't been a single cat for very long and I think he prefers not having to compete for my attention. Plus I don't know if the two cats would get along. Plus Gretel just died. Plus the extra litter and food. Plus who wants to become attached to another animal that's going to eventually make you sad again? He does look a little like Henri only he has much more white. I didn't name him (though I thought of some names. Does he look like a Linus?Flufferheadbudgetbuttonhooknose? Twinkletoes? Pinky Tuscadaro?).

Last night, Shawn and I were interrupted from contemplating the animal by the sound of sirens. Went outside to discover that this girl down the street was od-ing on smack or crack or something. The police were there along with an ambulance. All the neighbors and their dogs were standing around talking and watching without shame, including Shawn and I. The cops led her out of the house and we all craned our necks to see a real live heroin addict. I only caught a glimpse. The ambulance drove off and soon after, the ice cream truck tinkled down the street to offer everyone dilly bars.


Hasana said…
I like Linus.
jodie said…
LOOK at him! He's Henri's long lost twin! How can you keep them separated any longer?

My mom just found at that Eddie (the big fattie and my favorite cat ever) has lung cancer. I can't take any more cat deaths.
Aimee said…
But how does a cat get lung cancer? I know Eddie's a bad boy, but I didn't picture him hanging with the wrong crowd smoking cigarettes. Can they do anything about it?

Do you like the name Ernesto for a cat like this one?