Much Too Much

What happens if you wait too long to post about your whole entire weekend is that you get suddenly very tired at the thought of trying to recall and describe everything and you may never ever get around to writing about it and your friends (who would appear in the stories b/c they were part of the weekend) become cranky and non communicative. So let's see if I can do highlights. First, you should be aware that Liz and Luke came to visit and that our other friend Padhraig was also in town. So it was State College people galore!


Arrival day! Liz and Luke arrive via Chinatown bus after dark. Shawn is at happy hour (in Shawn time happy hour on Friday lasts from 5 pm-midnight) and though we expect to possibly see him before we leave for dinner, he is MIA. We go to Johnny Brenda's and run into Padhraig and Carrie. It's loud and we're shouting at each other. Carrie's friend Mary sits at the other end of the table with her blond hair all over the place. I keep asking Padhraig if she's totally drunk. He is unsure. Shawn shows up. Carrie invites us to hang out at her house which has a great backyard with citronella candles that fight off the mosquitos. We drink all of her wine, eat all of her pretzels and chips, and talk about things.


Paint day! Our Liz and Chris arrive around 12--we have yet to get out of the house. They are ready to paint the walls of the "lounge" and have come prepared with their own paintbrushes. We put on one coat of primer (gray) and that takes three hours to do. Chris paints shelves in the bedroom and Shawn alternates between putting on fifteen coats of paint in the closet and scrapping off the old paint on the mantel we bought. In the evening, we go to Bar Ferdinand and drink sangria. Then we go to Crazy Fish and it's not crazy at all.


Pool day! We take our first trek to the free Fishtown pool (oh, but before that, we went to South Street and each bought something at Green Street. I got a cute dress for Tara's wedding, Luke got gray pants and possibly a tie, and Liz got something too but I don't remember what--a dress?) Okay, and then we go to the pool. You're not technically supposed to "lay out" there but we do anyway, interspersed with swimming in the pool and Shawn dunking me. Carrie and Padhraig arrive and Padhraig helps to convince Liz and Luke to stay one more night and go back on the bus with him on Monday morning (he's headed to Dublin via New York). Everyone yells, Yeah!!! when they agree to stay. We have dinner at a much more quiet Johnny Brenda's and I order the octopus which is delicious--I don't tell anyone how good it is until after I've gobble up the last rubbery, buttery bit because I don't want to share.

Among all of this, we managed to play 500 hours of Sims. Liz has resurrected Corey Crouton as though no time has passed. We modify him so that he wears cat make-up, purple lipstick, and a beret. He is still in love with this one simpering neighbor who wants family, family, family. They move in together and then we sort of lose interest in the game.

Here's Liz and I practicing our routine at the pool

I love my friends. They are like friends to me.