That's the new Snickers campaign appearing on 75% of the billboards and 55% of the cab tops in Philadelphia. It's meant to cleverly place "Snickers" back in the minds of Americans by using the familiar brown and white packaging with word associations like "Peanutopolis" and "Snackadilicious." What it does for me is to make me "Carmelgolyhate" Snickers.

Everyone in my dept. is up in arms because it's so flipping hot on the third floor due to global warming and the record temperatures for today. We're all considering going home at noon because it's too unbearable to work (actually, it's not that bad, but who wouldn't want a half day)? I blame George Bush for the abundant crop of blood-thirsty mosquitos that feast on my arms at legs in my back yard, for the sweat tickling down my back, for the fact that my cat has lost 10 pounds in the heat and lays flat as a pancake to be as close to the floor as possible, for the uncomfortable sight of the black man passed out and wet with perspiration on the park bench this morning, for my inability to imagine going to the gym and sweating more, for my desire to drink cold beers to excess, for the general crankiness of people, for the fear, fear, fear that things will only get worse.