Photo Ops

I must, must, must write about my weekend and Tara and Jimmy's wedding and Zena's visit and how the woman at Macy's measured Shawn's crotch, but no time now so instead, you get photos. To your left, you will find Luke and Liz. See how fast Liz knits? Her hands are literally unable to be captured without being blurry, much like a hummingbird in flight. She is knitting a row for a baby blanket I'm making for my friends Julie and Danny, who are soon to have a li'l baby boy named Bump (see next). That is Julie in the Hawaiian print, plus me, plus Danny. The way it's posed, it sort of looks like Danny is wearing red nail polish, but he really isn't.

The final photo is our wild animal, Gretel. Ever since we moved and she has been allowed back outside, she has been plotting her escape. She even went so far as to drop a few pounds in order to squeeze underneath the fence into the next yard. Here, you see how we naively thought that leaving a space that's 1 inch by 8 inches would keep her from getting away. Shortly after this picture was taken, Gretel wiggled under the fence, leaving behind tufts of white fur. I had to bust part of our own fence to get her back. She is very resourceful and very bad.