Goodbye, flattened pigeon on the road!

Pretty much every day in Fishtown, I come across another gray dead pigeon that has been smashed completely so s/he looks as though run over by a steam roller. They are everywhere. Sunday, we spotted one that wasn't dead, though it appeared a little suspect. It was sitting on its belly too far into the street. It may not have had legs. Shawn was very distressed. I suggested we rescue the pigeon and build it little fake legs out of matchsticks and then the pigeon could compete in the Aviary Special Olympics and win at the last second and then we would run over it with a Mac truck. Rode my bike to work and back yesterday and nearly hit a couple of them myself. They seem bent on destruction.

Speaking of which:
This is Gretel in her natural habitat, the shower. She has taken to licking the condensation off the curtain. She has a serious thing for H2O and will stick her head in a glass for a full ten minutes to get as much of it as she can. She will also harass you when you are washing your hands so that you'll pick her up and let her drink out of the sink. I draw the line at cupping the water in my hands and allowing her to drink, but I doubt Shawn has the same self-restraint. I am constantly almost tripping over half-filled glasses of water he has set on the floor for her to drink out of whenever she feels the urge.