Henri is a Busted Up Snuffleupagus, Not in a Good Way

We keep trying to make Henri into Gretel, but it's not working. Every morning after the alarm clock goes off at 7:15, Henri comes in and does his own alarm noises--meowing and meowing and jumping on the bed. Shawn was meowing back at him to make him meow more and it sort of worked, but I knew what he was doing--he was trying to get Henri to act like Gretel who would go on answering endlessly. Seriously, I once tried to see how many times in a row I could make her meow and I gave up after about fifty. And as much as we try to make Henri be her, he is not. He is, in fact, antithetical to Gretel. He hides under the bed all day. He stays there even after I'm home. You'd think maybe he could come out and hang around, but he doesn't. He's most active after hours and in the morning. He still scurries away from Shawn. If we have guests, it's like he doesn't exist. We have to show them pictures of Henri and say, "This is our other (now only) cat. He is real. You will never meet him."


Anonymous said…
i, personally, am fascinated by neurotic henri and would not change him at all (I wonder if this is cause I'm a psychologist). shawn should EMBRACE henri.

hope you are doing okay. call me if you need to talk.
Aimee said…
I know you're right. We will try to accept his fat self for who he is...

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