"Dude, if we rode our bikes like this all the time...We'd be like...Neil Armstrong!"

Best quote from our trip to the li'l town of Jim Thorpe this weekend.

For those of you sports illiterates out there, Jim Thorpe was a real live all-American, all-around wonderful athlete of some century or another. He never actually lived in the town named after him, but they have tons of photos of him everywhere so it's almost like he did. Look here at this photograph of Jim Thorpe. He played football, baseball, track, field, lacrosse, badminton, and Monopoly all with aplomb, good manners, and skill.

The town of Jim Thorpe also has a prison where some accused Irish slaves coal miner Molly MacGuire's were hung for fighting back against their enslavement. The tour guide, a cute sixteen year old blond girl who kept rocking back on her sneakered heels, explained in unwavering monotone how the prisoners were led into the dungeons for solitary confinement, left there for what was supposed to be thirty days but was often sixty, given nothing to sleep on, and having their waste buckets changed only when they overflowed onto the floor outside of the cell. "And three of the men are rumored to have killed themselves. Moving on, you'll see the interesting sight of the gallows where the men were covered in a white cloth and hung in front of a cheering crowd of spectators. For more information, please visit our gift shoppe where you can purchase miniature gallows and boxes of Lucky Charms cereal." An older man in the group before us claimed that he heard a voice say, Let me out of here! while he was standing in one of the dungeon caves. I want to believe him because I want to believe there is something more out there. But I also know that the power of suggestion is strong too. That does not, however, account for the ghostly handprint of one of the executed miners who claimed to be innocent. It keeps reappearing again and again, even after repeated attempts to wash it away, paint over it, and even replaster that section. Believe it or not!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!