What We Do Around Here

We try to finish jigsaw puzzles even when they are 1,500 pieces that all look exactly the same. We play cards, like War and Crazy Eights. We feed the frog Bob, on Wednesdays and Sundays and we worry each time we open the aquarium top, that he will be dead. He never is. He has never been dead for the last three years. Shirley the frog did not survive. We lock the doors and leave the light on for each other and get only slightly irritated when one person forgets to shut the door all the way. We make the bed together in the mornings with the bed cover and pillows from West Elm--our whole bedroom is from the catalog because we also don't do comparison shopping or go to Raymour and Flannigan. We whistle while we're playing Minecraft and then when we're asked to stop, we apologize and we do stop for about ten seconds and then we forget and start again. We are ten. We are also in our forties. We don't clean as much as we should, though we love the Dirt Devil bought by one of our moms and find ourselves bending down and going around the floorboards for longer than we should. We point out dogs on the street. We are afraid of dogs sometimes. We like to put our pajamas on right away and we look forward to a snack, especially if it's hot chocolate with whip cream and a cookie dipped in it. We pick up our dishes when we're finished eating. We run the dishwasher too often. We play a game at dinner where we tell one good thing that's happened to us during the day, one bad thing, and one animal we saw. We do yoga at the drop of a hat. We watch movies where things blow up and where Johnny Depp plays a Native American Indian. At the end of the movie, we say, That was a little corny. We watch We Bought a Zoo and get nervous about the number of swear words.  We tolerate each other's TV shows. We announce we are going to take a shower. We like to read before bed. We travel together. We eat chicken nuggets. We talk about bullying. We try to listen. Sometimes, we cry, but not often. We get on each other's nerves. We say funny things. We burp out loud. We laugh at some of the same things. We embarrass each other in public. We check out and ignore each other. We live together now.