Throw Back Thursday: Being in Children's Theater

I must apologize because I don't really know how to use the scanner on Dan's computer and so these old photos are really photos of photos; hence the crappy quality.  I guess they were all taken some time close to when I graduated from Florida State; so, like 1992? 1993? Decades ago now. Anyway, after graduation, I moved back to Clearwater and lived with my older boyfriend in an apartment complex off of a major highway. I also worked as a hostess at TGIFriday's and was a member of a children's theater group through Ruth Eckerd Hall, the performing arts center in the area. I didn't have any illusions that this would lead to fame. After just one or two shows in an elementary school cafeteria (smelled like spoiled milk) or gymnasium (smelled like sweaty feet), it was clear that I wasn't on the path to being discovered by like a visiting movie producer who would whisk me away to become Hollywood's darling.  But it was still fun, for the most part, and the kids would get really into it. Here are a few samplings of my costumes and various roles. I was totally versatile. 

Old lady. Note that I am barefoot. That's method acting, people. 


Little Red. This is backstage, probably in a kid-sized locker room. 

Disheveled princess. This is clearly after the show was over. Look how long my hair was. 


Method acting...that's fantastic. get it gurl!