The Bachelor: Season 345

Have only watched a teeny tiny bit of this tonight, because Luke is here and he is too young still for the amount of cleavage this show allows. But in the little bit I did see, I've discovered that Juan Pablo is indeed a hot soccer player dad with a heart of gold and penchant for moussing his hair up (i.e. possible experiencing early male pattern baldness). He likes to illustrate his foreignness by speaking with an accent and talking to his four year daughter in Spanish. I don't quite trust anyone who has two first names--like Billy Francis, John David,  Mike Barry--all suspicious characters.

The women are your usual fair, seven of them are nurses, five of them have someone important who died in their lives (including one woman whose dead father recorded a wedding wish for his future son in law that he'll never meet), every single one of them has perfect teeth, and one has bad skin. I didn't meet all of the girls, but I'm sure the producers threw in one or two with a smidgen of ethnicity who will remain on the show for exactly two episodes. Why can't they throw in a couple of regular looking women, or like, one super large girl, or a basketball player--oh, I just remembered that they did once have the girl with one arm. But they're all aspiring actresses anyway (I'm certain you have to submit your head shot to be on The Bachelor or Bachelorette). I've found from past episodes that I really only have to watch the last thirty minutes to catch up.

Since Dan and I live together, maybe we'll make some Bachelor videos. I'll keep you posted.

We made this one of Dan as Juan Pablo about to give out the rose to the lady who didn't want it. Dan is unaware that he has only 15 seconds to get all of this in--we will use Flip from now on.