Where is The Bachelorette Update?

I just don't know if I can do the updates for this next season...I only caught the last 45 minutes of Monday's season premiere and it doesn't seem in the least bit interesting, not that it ever was, but it's the same thing, every show. It's a show on auto-pilot. As in the last however many iterations of The Bachelorette, all the guys can talk about is who's not there for "the right reasons." NO ONE is there for the right reasons; they are all on there to be on TV. No one can seriously expect to fall in love while being filmed. It's hard enough in real life. Then add a generic hot tub, fake champagne, and 6 cameras and see how well it goes. And supposedly there's all of this added fake drama with some guy having a girlfriend or two already, same old, same old. Also, Ali's hair is suddenly ten feet longer than it used to be. I think she's cute, but I wonder if there is any such thing as an interesting person on one of these shows. Probably not.