Friday, I'm in Love with You

I don't have much in the way of South Philly photos because this week, I've been walking from Broad/Walnut to work and that's mostly a business-y district. However, I can offer you a few crumbs.

Three different South Philly cats this weekend. Here is one looking longingly through a screen door.

And then this one was outside on 11th Street. She was wearing a collar with something like "Lulu" written on it, but she wasn't very friendly. I tried to pet her about 25 times.

Two images of a ginger (as Padhraig would say). One from afar in noble profile and one shot closer up. 

This would be Leigh Ann modeling after the gold Buddha from last week's celebration. I told her that she had to close her eyes to look exactly like the statue. She is super obedient.

My new hair cut. I got this done yesterday at Saturn. It's very brown and it's also short. I know, I look exactly like Katie Holmes.


Anonymous said…
Aw, Katie's got nothing on you! Lookin' goooood, kiddo ...
Anonymous said…
Cute haircut!!!

Emily said…
I LOVE that Leigh Ann has her own category in your blog now!