Cheating on America's Sweetheart: WHO cares?

Dan noticed last night at the grocery store that Sandra Bullock's face appeared on all of the tabloid magazines. He's not much of a pop culture follower, so he said, "What happened? Did she die?" No, she got cheated on by her husband who formerly dated mostly strippers and porn stars and who's notorious for his tattoos. A bad boy. So, but, how can this be a surprise? And anyway, who cares? I honestly don't care about Tiger Woods cheating either. I just don't think celebrities should try to be married; not until they're old or their careers are over. Fame is such a weird thing and it screws people up and I'm sure there's tons of temptation and people who are dying to sleep with you and get on TMZ to tell the world about it and post camera photos on their various blogs.