Hungry Heart

Before we get to the Springsteen concert, please examine the latest South Philly windows. Here is one jam-packed with Halloween spirit and joy.

These decorations stretched almost to the end of the block and around the corner.

Just thought this was interesting. The flowers in the vase that woman is clutching are real. Those in the flower box in the foreground are not.

Okay, and here is an example of pretty much every picture I took at the concert on Saturday, held in the soon-to-be-a-parking-lot Giants stadium in Jersey. You'll notice that two out of the three heads in the photo have baseball caps. I would say the majority of the audience were white boys. We saw maybe three black people out of 900,000, even though the E. Street Band is almost half African-American. I guess Bruce's music is for a certain type of listener. You should've seen the flag head bandannas and heard the crowd singing, "Born in the U.S.A." at the top of their masculine lungs. The music was great. He played for three hours. We stood on the floor, craning our necks to see his actual body vs. the video projections of the performance. At two separate times, he brought up little girls to dance and sing onstage--both were adorable. He also threw himself into the crowd and body surfed on his back for about three minutes with the people moving him along on their fingertips. Brave.

Here is Manny expressing his glee and showing off a fine row of perfect teeth.

Bruce projected on the screen. He was sweating under the armpits by the end of the second song, but energized throughout. He also wore a vest. I asked Manny if he would ever wear a vest and he said no without hesitation.

More heads, more hats, and Bruce in there somewhere.

One of the people we met before hand made a lovely Bruce cake. We didn't get to eat it because they were saving it for after the concert and we are old people, so we left when the show was over.

People walking into the arena.

Manny F. and crowd.
And looking away shyly.
Can you see how long his eyelashes are? Unfair!