A Writer Writes, Right?

Am in this kind of odd situation where I teach a fiction workshop on Mondays, and then take a fiction class on Tuesdays. I like teaching, though I have to stop myself sometimes from saying, No, I'm right! if ever someone disagrees or makes a suggestion that seems off to me. I have to remember that they're turning these pieces over really quickly--they're expected to write two full stories in just eight weeks, which is no easy feat. But by far, the comment that makes me the craziest is when someone says, "I liked that I didn't know what was going on or who the characters were or where the story was set..." Any comment praising ambiguity in a piece makes me want to stand on my chair and let out a yowl of disagreement. But it's a good group and the time flies by. Then on Tuesdays, I am auditing a Penn advanced fiction class filled with undergrads. Our first workshop is tonight. I'm curious to see what the other students come up with and I'm also curious to observe if I will be able to hold my tongue if the teacher says something I disagree with. I am a pushy, opinionated person.