The Halloween decorations have started--in fact, they started in mid-September really. Some of them are really scary--blood-hand prints and amputated limbs and pics of Rush Limbaugh. Others are sweet--like black kittens in witches' hats. And this pumpkin looks so happy, don't you think?

I don't particularly like this one because the plastic pumpkin is ugly, but I appreciate the huge effort these people put into it. There are even little ghosts hanging down and they've sort of done a combination of Halloween/autumn tribute.

Below, please find a snack pack I bought the other day. They tasted good, but it's weird how it looks like you're eating multi-colored larvae.

Excited dog + my shadow.
Sad dog wondering where all the cowboys have gone.

Manny and I are going to see Bruce Springsteen tomorrow night for free because he is well-connected. Can't wait! I'm hoping to be pulled up onstage by the Boss ala Courtney Cox in the MTV video. How hot is he!!!!!!!!

Look here.


Jacob Russell said…
I see that I was here before... before they closed Bela Rosa. No memory of the visit.

Like your South Philly window photos.

Hey, check out Lucky 13! My son's the chef (cheap plug).

Glad I found your blog again, South Philly neighbor.
Jacob Russell said…
cats outnumber dogs 58 to 6 on your blog... no wonder he's sad (my cat says Hi!... actually, he doesn't... he makes the usual cat noises... very hard to spell with any degree of versimilitude