Days Until I Say Goodbye to Orange Kitties

Am counting down the days until I no longer have to walk the 6 blocks to and from the subway to get home; a walk that's not devastating, but it's hard to face on the nights when I have classes and don't get off the subway until 8:30 PM or later. In my new house, the subway stop is only three blocks away. V. exciting. The current owners are being extremely generous and leaving me the following items:

# Three (3) Area Rugs

* - one (1) in Living Room
* - one (1) in Bedroom
* - one (1) in Office

# IKEA Kitchen Cart in Dining Room
# Curtains / Blinds in Living Room
# Blinds in Master Bedroom and Second Bedroom
# Three (3) Nesting Tables in Living Room
# IKEA Wardrobe in Master Bedroom (Previously agreed upon)
# Magnetic Knife Holder in Kitchen
# Hanging Rail in Kitchen
# Black Hanging Rack and Three (3) Silverware holders above sink in Kitchen
# Overhead Pot & Pan holder in Kitchen
# Outdoor Wooden Table and Chairs in Backyard
# Corner Garden Stand in Backyard
# Wooden Garden Stand in Backyard
# Grill in Backyard
# Interior and Exterior House paint in Basement
# All Shelving in Basement
# String lights in the Garden
# Small IKEA Wine Rack in Dining Room
# Plant Hangers and Plants in Living Room
# Bar Stools in Kitchen

CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT? (Please note that I hardly ever use caps because it's like shouting, but I am so excited). The grill is amazing. I've never used a grill in my life. You just ad light fluid, right? And I needed the outdoor furniture too, since all I have is like a pink plastic watering can. These people are the best. Knock on wood, but this house-buying thing has been a really easy and pleasant experience.

Here are some spooky windows for you.

I believe these strings are meant to be cobwebs.

I like the stacked pumpkins in the lower left corner.

Hard to see.

This is the Seven Dwarves house. Find the pumpkin.

Nice mixture of pretty flowers and death.

Close up.


jenn bing said…
# Grill in Backyard

and a pretty little cat!