Iron On

I actually ironed a shirt this morning. It's one of my recent H&M purchases, a white button-up with wide cuffs. I am certain that in typical H&M style, it will last approximately 3.5 washings before disintegrating into thin air. but who cares, I needed a white shirt after suddenly realizing that the other white button up I've been wearing makes me look like I'm auditioning for the role of secretary in a Mamet play--too tight and inappropriate for work and looking as though a button might pop off and get you in the eye at any second. After many, many, many episodes of What Not to Wear, I'm finally getting the message that I need to buy clothes that fit, rather than those that make me look like pin-up girl and not in a good way.

So, ironing this morning made me remember how my mom used to let me iron my stepdad's handkerchiefs and their pillowcases when I was in elementary/middle school (by the time high school rolled around, I was like, Yeah, no thanks). We'd set up the ironing board in the middle of the den and iron while watching Guiding Light. I never made it home in time to watch As the World Turns, which was fine because I liked GL better--Holly and that dastardly Roger and wimpy Beth with her mouth constantly turned down and handsome Josh who loved Reva (I believe they married and divorced about six times). Why is it that every once in awhile, they'll run through the same scenarios? Like: the evil twin appears out of nowhere or someone will get amnesia, or a man and a woman who don't like each other will get trapped on a deserted island or in a dungeon somewhere and be there for a long, long time until they fall in love, or there will be a murder trial that goes on forever. On the weirder soaps, they often have puppets that appear and sometimes clowns. They'll have like these strange plot twists where a doll comes to life or is possessed or where magic happens. These episodes/plots usually also involve midgets. And they are never the good guys. Maybe things have progressed since I used to watch them. It's quite possible, since it's been like 15 years.

In other news, my June piece for Maven is out. It's not very good, but I did submit a new piece today that I like called "If Dorothy Parker Were on Facebook." And Carrie just sent me a bunch of photos of the kittens that she and P kept. Look how flipping cute they are! They now have the entire run of the house and Carrie says that they follow her around everywhere.


Anonymous said…
Those kittens are too cute! See? It was worth it to subject yourself to Cat Scratch Fever Disease or staph or something. Did feral Mama Cat ever show up again?
Aimee said…
The mama cat showed up and has been around, but I haven't seen her for a few days now. She's likely off having more kittens.