Go Ahead and Kill Me First

I realized after getting off at the Ellsworth/Federal stop tonight, on my way somewhere else in the rain that I would make a bad POW. Had just been in Center City to celebrate Irina's release from Temple, and so had maybe like three drinks and then realized halfway to the train station that I really should've used the restroom before I left. You know it's bad when you have to ask yourself if it would be horrible if you peed in a side alley in near twilight. Or if you contemplate asking those people smoking on their front step if it would be okay if you used their bathroom. And plus it was hot and I was wearing flip flops that splashed mud and rain up on my back legs. That's when I decided that I would make a horrible prisoner. I would cave at the first sign of discomfort and give up all of the state secrets, sell my mother out, prostrate myself on the ground, perform high kicks if asked, anything, anything, anything, to feel okay again.

In other news, I have been asked to be on the fiction board for Philadelphia Stories which means that I get to have a say in what stories are published. Carla sent maybe ten stories to all of us on the board today to read and evaluate. I am hoping that by reading the kind of stories that get submitted, I'll be inspired to write and submit myself. I'm wondering if there will be tons of sci-fi or stories about kittens. Or even better, kittens in outer space. I am secretly hoping to be totally blown away by someone's story--someone whose writing I read and go, Okay, we must immediately be friends. It could happen.