Hipsters Unite

Stumbled on this funny video called Hipster Olympics on You Tube. Worth a watch, especially if you've just been to a party in Fishtown the night before swarming with hipsters in all shapes and sizes. Well, no, really only in hipster sizes--thin men in tight girl jeans, thin girls with zig-zag bangs and see-through blouses with beads. Several headbands in sight, including one guy who wore a yellow athletic headband as though he had just stepped off the tennis court circa Wimbledon 1978. Talked for awhile to a tiny girl from India who looked as though she were channeling a Native American--black hair in two thick braids, a shiny shirt/dress, and yes, another headband, though this one was made out of scarves and feathers and things. Met another tall, skinny guy wearing a wristband from a show the night before. He was cute and fey and of indiscriminate sexual preference. I think I offended him by saying I thought this particular artist was exploitive (me parroting Lisa Marie). Actually, I probably didn't offend him at all and I'm being kind of catty. Everyone was pretty friendly and I managed not to spend the night in the corner by the sangria table judging. Instead, I judged from the back yard.

What would make nights like this easier is if we all wore nametags that also list our emotional age, relationship status, sexual predilection, and maybe two or three general issues we have that might impede a connection: 12, S (single), S (straight), DI (dad issues), JBUANSBWMOWY (just broke up and need space but will make out with you). That way, you wouldn't do what I typically do which is to piss off someone's girlfriend by talking for half an hour with her architect boyfriend about his favorite buildings.