Things I Don't Talk About on this Blog

Per a recent online conversation with an old friend/hook up, I started thinking about the many things I don't write about here. Like, I know it seems as though I am an open book, right, and perhaps nothing of great interest is happening in my life (this is mostly true), but since this is a public forum, you must guess that there are things I leave out for various reasons. Such as:

1. Anything to do with the Angela situation (friends will know what I mean. It's not as ominous as it sounds).

2. Anything that might upset a close friend, meaning, I don't tell other people's secrets or personal information, no matter how juicy or interesting. Go here to scratch that itch. I don't really tell my own secrets either, even though they would also be moderately intriguing/upsetting/another reason for my mother to worry about me.

3. Dreams. I don't often write about my dreams b/c there is really nothing less interesting than reading about someone else's fucked up subconscious night ramblings (unless, of course, the listener happens to be in it).

4. I do try to limit my discussions about the cats (see #3. Not really that interesting. I mean, they do cute things, but they do the same cute things every day and it's not like they're developing new skills or vocabulary. Mostly, they just crowd around and tip things over).

5. I should write more about politics, about the disgusting state of our supposed democracy. The rumblings now are that we are going to invade Iran. WTF? I get physically ill when I think about what we're doing. Sometimes, if I'm feeling really shitty about anything I might be dealing with, I have to put it into perspective. I am not being bombed in Iraq. I am not being raped by American soldiers. I am very very lucky.

6. My huge crush on Stephen Colbert. It's almost gotten out of hand. If you haven't ever seen this clip of him singing and dancing to "The King of Glory" (from Strangers with Candy), you really should.

7. Sex. I don't write about sex unless it's somewhat fictionalized, because family members frequently read my blog and I want them to think of me as pure as the driven snow, which, of course, I am. Except when...But that would betray rule #2. See? I promised to be vague.

8. The fact that I had no idea that this past Saturday was "spring forward." I went through all of Sunday without knowing about the time change until I became puzzled by the fact that the TV listings seemed to be askew. I need to get out more.

That's really it. Everything else is fair game.