So, I got up this morning to check on the kittens and they have vanished in the night leaving no forwarding address. I must have freaked the mama kitten out by bringing one of the kittens inside for the house for a little while. She took them away. I guess she must have moved them to wherever they were before, but I'm sad because I doubt they'll be safer; unless someone in the nieghborhood is competing for best cat condo. Maybe if I added a skylight and an extra room with a pool she'd return? I was going to try to get them homes but now they'll just be more strays who don't live long and continue to reproduce. Carrie said that maybe she'll come back. Maybe. Or not. Okay, so even as I type that the mama cat is outside on the brick, and she let's me pet her. Where are the kittens? Did they die? Did something carry them off into the night?There's no sign of distress in the shelter. Well, my guess is that she might bring them back. But why move them then? It is a conundrum. She's cleary not scared of me and still let's me pet her, but...Who can understand the workings of the cat mind.


Anonymous said…
If you keep feeding momma she'll keep coming back and when her babies are somewhat mobile, they'll follow. Once they look about 6 weeks old they can eat kitten food and you can snatch them up. I did this last year and brought a litter in... They were growly, hissing creatures who hid from me, but after a week or so they were sweetened up enough to place in homes. Don't give up hope! And spay the momma (go to Morris Animal Shelter for coupons). You're a good lady!
Aimee said…
But they can't follow though...My backyward has really high cement walls--I don't know how they'd get over the walls. Thanks for the support and tips though. They might return.
Anonymous said…
You are doing a good thing. Just like the other anonymous said, make sure and spay the mom. I too caught a litter of small ones last year and was told the most important thing for their future and adaptability is socialization. I called it forced cuddles. Forcing the little guys to be held for about five minutes at a time in order to get them used to people and hand contact. Mom will bring them back if there is food available for her all the time. she will get extremely hungry and in a week or two the small ones will be back. Don't fret.

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