What next?

Driving through my neighborood this morning in the rain, I spotted a white horse grazing on a strip of green grass next to the road. Not in a fenced in area, just hanging out on someone's side yard chewing and looking around. I don't know if you're aware, but white horses are good luck. I already knew today was going to be good because it was raining when I woke up at 6 a.m. to get ready for an early outdoor photo shoot on Ambler's campus. The rain has made it impossible to go on said photo shoot which makes me very happy because I didn't want to drive my car all the way out there in the morning Schuykill traffic or take the 7:30 shuttlebus from Main. We have successfuly rescheduled for Monday at 3 p.m. And I bought really good coffee from Rocket Cat. On the less sunny side, our neighbors continue to do things like using a jackhammer at midnight to--I don't know, construct a wishing well? Demolish their back patio? In related news, Haley has a bicycle. She can't yet ride it, but she pushes it around on the sidewalk. "Haley! Haley! Get on your bike! Pedal! Goddamnit, have fun, Hale!"