Our Town, by Arthur Miller

On the way to the bus this morning, I had the following conversation with the old guy who owns this car shop on the corner of Norris and Frankford. Please keep in mind that all of this is happening as I'm passing his shop, still continuing to walk.

Him: Hey, there pretty lady.

Me: Good morning.

Him: Don't tell me you're going to work right now. Tell me your going to Atlantic City.

Me: I'm going to work so I can afford to go to Atlantic City.

Him: You married?

Me: No.

Him: Got a boyfriend?

Me: Yes. We live together.

Him: Ain't that a shame.

I don't know if I should be flattered or depressed. I'd be depressed if he thinks he seriously has a shot. It was kind of sweet--kind of small townish, but on the other hand, if I turn up missing, you now have a clue as to who kidnapped me and took me to AC.


let's imagine a scenario where you, or someone in that position, threw caution to the wind, disregarded every instinct a normal woman would have, and just did it with the old guy. could you imagine? what would he think? i'm sure he makes comments like this all the time and gets, at most, an awkward smile, a nervous laugh and a brushoff. what if this time the "pretty lady" said "ok, let's go" and took him in his shop, closed the door, unzipped his fly and blew his mind? do you think he would have the courage to go through with it or do you think he just get's off on the powerplay inherent to being an old man flirting with younger women? would it make his life? it would be a very charitable thing to do. would she feel good about herself afterward the way you do when you buy candy for some kid's sports uniforms? has anyone ever done this?
Montgomery Q said…
Why don't I get these comments as I walk by people? Why did he ask about Atlantic City?
Aimee said…
He asked about Atlantic City because...I'm not sure why. B/c I was carrying three dozen quarters in a plastic cup? I think most likely it's b/c for some Philly people, AC epitomizes a good time.
Liz said…
Recently while selling tickets for a charity raffle where the prize included an overnight stay in a hotel a man said "I'll give you $50 for the ticket if you'll be part of the overnight stay."

I was neithed flattered nor depressed. I was insulted that the high bid was $50.

Should have taken it and went to AC with your guy...