Kitty Cat Fight Club

Shawn says, The first rule of Kitty Cat Fight Club is that no one interrupts Kitty Cat Fight Club because then the participants pretend they weren't fighting. In our house, we now have daily entertainment/torture of Henri and Ernesto wrestling with each other, swishing their tails, bowing their heads in a slightly Tae Kwon Do way as they face off. At first, I worried that Ernesto would be too much for Henri and that Henri would get all freaked out and run away. Instead, Henri stands his ground and actually initiates some of the rumbles. Ernesto makes grumbling noises in his throat, but it doesn't seem like they're really upset with each other because they don't hiss or run away. I am shocked at Henri's behavior. He never ever never would've done that with Gretel.

I've been having my kitty dreams again--that's the dream where I am in charge of many, many cats and can't manage them all. The other night, I had to take care of three litters of white kittens, all different ages and all in separate locations. Mixed in with the kittens was a litter of puppies, also pure white. Each group had six, so that's about 24 small animals I kept having to look for and keep from dying. At the same time, I was being pursued by vampires. Am I like ten years old that I have frightening dreams about kittens and vampires? Last night, I dreamt that I met Peter Krause, the guy who played Nate on Six Feet Under. He had given up acting and was becoming an artist instead. I was quite relieved in the dream because I thought this would make him less popular and therefore more accessible to non-famous me. He gave me his address and told me to stop by after work. I subsequently lost his address and drove around for the rest of the dream frantically trying to find him.

My friend Dave told me there is not enough "dave" in my blog. But really, many of the stories I could tell about him are inappropriate for this forum for one reason or another. Okay, here's one. Our first year in grad school, we all went out a lot, but Dave was the king of staying out late. He could start the evening at 5 p.m. and end it at 5 a.m. without ever looking the worse for wear. However, I do remember there was one night when we went to play pool at Sharkies and he drank way too much but wanted to go out for more. I think he and Brian ended up buying some alcohol and drinking. I went home. The next morning, I was walking to the coffee shop and saw Dave ambling towards me in the same clothes from the night before. He was disheleved, his hair all over the place. He had a poppy seed stuck in his teeth. He said, I slept on the golf course last night. I said, Oh, okay. I didn't tell him about the poppy seed.


Dave said…
Dave is the coolest person I know.
Aimee said…
I tried to post your moustache pic but the thing didn't work. Any other photos? Perhaps one in a sombrero?
jodie said…
who is this "Dave" of whom you speak, and why is he taking up space that should be devoted to ME, ME, ME???
Anonymous said…
how funny about your dreams.
the other night, i had a dream that i discovered a second "wing" in the house we bought. It had another living room, which was cool, but then that connected to a huge bedroom with really high ceilings. In the bedroom, the old owner (an odd woman) had left all of her "pets." Her pets included one dog, several cats, and hundreds of flying things- owls, birds, and bats. The owls could only eat frozen dead baby owls that the woman stored in a fridge, the dog could only eat dog food, and the birds could only eat a combo of baby owls and other frozen animals. When I entered the room, the birds swarmed around me and pecked at me cause they were hungry. So, I had to scramble around and feed them. I kept thinking, "I hope that I can convince the old owner to come get these birds or else I will have to do this every day." Tessdog was there too and started eating the dog's food, which made me even more frazzled.

Anyway, hope you are well and dreaming nicer dreams. You and Shawn should come visit! I checked and I don't have an animal room in my house in real life (phew).

Dave said…
sorry, somberos are against my religion.

& writing about jodie is so 2005. i'm glad to see the new work. this dave character has real audience appeal.