Kill Scooter Libby

In the continuing evidence of socioeconomic disadvantage = loudness, a bunch of fourteen year old boys were riding scooters up and down our street from about 2-3 a.m. on Friday night. If you have never heard a scooter motor, it sounds like the cross between a chainsaw and a badly-oiled lawnmower. Though I have always been in support of gun control, that one hour that I lay there wishing the deaths of those adolescents has me fully convinced that there should be a long waiting period to buy a handgun. Where are their parents? Are they drunk, passed out, high, staying the night somewhere else, all of the above? You'll hear a gaggle of young girls walking by at 1 in the morning in their flip-flops too. And then yesterday, the scooter was out again full force, a baby was crying, someone was banging a chain link fence, and cars were roaring by every ten seconds. Shut up!

In the meantime, the cats continue to romp and even eat together. It's a relief that they get along. But who wouldn't love this (completely unposed!) thing:

Except sometimes, he does naughty things, like climb into the rafters:

And here is the photo of Shawn, me, and Zena making it possible for Ernesto (his name, it appears) to have a huge jungle gym above our heads in the kitchen:

And here is the kitty who I still miss with all my heart (and who would beat the shit out of the new cat):


jodie said…
i don't get it--why do you all look like you live in Beijing during the SARS scare?
the ghost of nick youngblood said…
if i had to guess, i would say you were an egotist rather than a narcissist. at least i hope that's the case. the former is delightfully mary poppins while the latter is a little too Nick Drake for my liking.
Liz said…
I'm with Jodie. Were you knocking out the ceiling so Ernesto can have rafters?
Aimee said…
Is it possible to be an egotistical narcissist? Or a narcissistical egoist?
i don't know. you tell me. you're the one sharing her thoughts and experiences. only a narcissist would cover her face with a breathing mask. an egotist would inhale any toxin to show her winning smile.