The many wonderful things in the world

Before I list a few cool things of late, I have to mention something I saw yesterday on my way to writing class after exiting the subway. First of all, the City Hall station always reeks of pee. It's so disgusting. Plus, I frequently get lost. One time, I emerged from the subway to find myself like ten blocks away from where I needed to be. Miraculously, I managed yesterday to get out quickly, only to be confronted with a sight that got increasingly more icky as the details started to come through.

There was an old homeless guy with wild white hair and full beard sitting on the steps smoking a cigarette. Two policepeople were standing next to him and so was this younger blond woman in denim shorts who didn't look too with it herself, though it seemed unlikely that she was with the old guy. Then I noticed that the old guy still had a plastic cup of beer next to him. Just the way his head was wobbling, you could tell he was pretty drunk. Then I noticed that there was blood on the steps by his feet. Then I noticed that he had a huge gash in his temple. Then I noticed that he had peed himself. Then I noticed he was wearing a wedding ring. And then I stopped looking.

Sometimes, I see startling things on the way to work. You wouldn't think that much would be going on at 8 AM, but the other day, I spotted this fairly normal looking woman wearing a Walkman, and just as we passed each other on the sidewalk, she screamed, DO YOU HAVE ANY SPARE CHANGE? I think she was so loud b/c her music was turned up, but it freaked me out. I did not give her any quarters.

But here are three wonderful things:

1. Went to Paul Green's School of Rock last weekened and saw a bunch of nine to seventeen year olds playing rock music. They were so cute and awesome. The Trocadero was filled with so many crazy hormones that it was hard to breath, but it was still very cool.

2. Shawn and I took a bike ride on Sunday up to the park beyond the ball field and he showed me this secret place under the Interstate where skate boarders go. The walls are covered with graffiti and the skaters are similarly covered in tattoos and it's really fun to watch them.

3. This is my friend Lara's cat named Lucky. She is very majestic.