Comments that will be made in my writing workshop tonight

1. I really liked it.

2. I didn't quite understand what was happening or why, but I liked that about it.

3. I loved how, at the end, I was super confused and then had to make up my own conclusion and then I really liked it.

4. I totally related to that moment where the dog ate that other dog and then puked and a kitten came out because that happened to my dog once too.

5. It seemed like you kept using the word "the" over and over and then I realized that when you wrote "the" you really meant "humankind," right?

6. Are you a lesbian or not?

7. You leave out a ton of details and setting stuff and it makes it so you have to guess everything and I enjoyed that.

8. I liked how s/he wrote that scene that had nothing to do with the story at all because it was interesting to know what had happened to the grandmother just as an aside.

9. I totally cracked up when I read the word "fuck."

10. I would leave it exactly the way it is right now except make it shorter.

11. I don't have the paper in front of me, but I remember liking it.

12. I think that scene you just mentioned really works because I don't remember it happening at all.


Anonymous said…
i am giggling right now. you should write a short story about the writing class itself and submit that as a short story to the class. i bet they wouldn't even notice.

Aimee said…
i'm thinking about doing that...