I'm Watching You

So we went to see this band last night at the World Cafe which in in West Philly. We didn't get there until around 9:45 b/c Shawn had a late meeting, but the place wasn't packed or anything. The band we went to listen to is called something like I Am Sam or Sam I Am or Green Eggs and Sam. I've recently come to grips with the knowledge that one of my favorite things to do in the world is people-watch. I'm constantly evaluating people and trying to guess what their deal is and finding ways to feel superior to them. Here's who was at the bar last night:

1. A couple Shawn referred to as us only more hipster. The guy had a beard similar to Shawn's and was wearing two mismatched shirts, one on top of the other. The girl had a wispy haircut pulled back into a tiny ponytail. She wasn't wearing any make-up and she had this kind of bland self-possession and calmness that went perfectly with her glass of white wine. She was small framed but had huge boobs or at least the appearance of huge boobs in part b/c she was wearing a low cut wrap around shirt. They did not dance.

2. A rowdy table of people I assumed were from Jersey (because I'm a geographical raciest). They talked and threw punches at each other the whole time. I'm not sure they realized there was even a band onstage. One guy wore a way over-sized green and white shiny sports jersey. One of the girls was dressed in a sparkly short sleeved cut off jacket which she wore over a gray tank top. I saw her outside later in the night smoking a cigarette and she pretended like she was going to jump over the railing to her death. She also had on terrible black shorts cut just above the knees and high heeled black pumps. Her hair was perioxide blond and earlier, Shawn suggested I go sit next to her to see if any of her fake tan would rub off on me.

3. Another man and woman pair who were in their mid-to-late forties and who must have been the parents of one of the musicians. They were rocking it on in their own little way, standing up close to the stage, snapping their fingers and knocking their hips around. The woman had a fanny pack strapped around her waist.

4. Some fucked up skinny girl dancing non-stop for the entire 3 hours we were there even during the slow songs.

Music? What music?