Hey, how about some global warming or We Are Fucked

Went to see Al Gore's new Powerpoint movie, An Inconvenient Truth, wherein he clearly illustrates with overwhelming evidence that global warming is a very real threat and that things are rapidly going to hell. And guess who uses up the most energy in a way that causes the increase of global warming? George Bush and his constituents. And did you know that we and Australia are the only two countries in the entire world who refuse to sign the Kyoto agreement? Because we don't want to infringe on GM's ability to make more money by producing shitty cars that eat up gasoline or disrupt the oil industry in any way which still has trillions of dollars to make. Here are some things that happen with global warming:

1. The polar ice caps melt and some huge chunks can fall into the ocean, thereby raising the ocean level by twenty feet which basically puts large amounts of heavily populated land masses (including San Francisco and New York City) under water, killing and/or displacing millions of people. Also, goodbye to polar bears who are starting to drown now because they can't find ice caps to land on and swim and swim and swim sixty miles or more looking for them, not finding them, and drowning.

2. Weather patterns change and we get more typhoons, floods, hurricanes, tornados, unprecedented heavy rainfall and more incidents of Hurricane Katrina which most likely wouldn't have happened at least not to the extent that it did, if we weren't already seeing huge rises in heat temperatures in the ocean. By the way, scientists warned whoever that Hurricane Katrina was going to be bad and that they should be evacuating the area, but of course, those in charge didn't listen, didn't do shit, and still don't care.

3. Since it's getting increasingly hotter earlier in the season than normal, you have things happening like caterpillars hatching two weeks earlier than usual, no longer coinciding with the spring hatching of baby birds who then starve b/c all the food supply that would've been available to them has already turned into butterfiles. This also means that the cold weather currents that used to kill off a certain percentage of other pests (mosquitos, ticks, pine beetles)aren't as powerful and so these bugs get to be fruitful and multiply and carry diseases and eat up crops, etc.

4. In related news, these bugs carry diseases and the heat also allows for certain dormant viruses to come alive again which is why we're seeing the return of old problems such as Avian Flu, SARS, the West Nile Virus, and ebola and all this other wonderful stuff we haven't had to worry about for years and years.

That's all I can remember off the top of my head. Shawn and I went home and unplugged things b/c that's one way you can stop using so much energy. Then we got hot (b/c of global warming)and turned on the air conditioner, effectively hurting the envirnoment even more.