Limbo House

This title does not refer to a house where much dancing is done. It's a house in a state of anticipation. Rather, a kitchen that is holding its breath for the remaining pieces to fall into place.

My whole Saturday was taken up by waiting with some trepidation for the Lowe's appliance delivery guys to bring my fridge and stove. They showed up earlier than expected, but quickly figured out that the fridge wasn't going to fit through my narrow doors. The guy than checked my stove to see where the gas turn off was. He couldn't find it and told me that I also needed to get a plumber in to install a shut off valve. And I needed to find a way to get the storm door off. I looked at the storm door. It doesn't have like two screws on it--has massive security screws that require a special bit to remove. I asked him if he could take it off. He said that he wasn't allowed to do it. I said, "Well, who's going to do it then? God?" I wasn't on my best behavior. I even dropped the f-bomb. I was a little like Veronica from Willie Wonka, stomping my foot and saying, "I want it now!" But truly, wouldn't you think that Lowe's might have let me know that I should anticipate these two things so I could've had them taken care of ahead of time? Tomorrow, the dishwasher people are coming to put that appliance in and I have arranged for them to also install the shut off valve. And the counter people (one person named Dan, actually) came on Monday to measure that portion out. Is this so boring or what?

To counteract that, here are some pictures from the Halloween party at Jane's house on Saturday night.

This is Doug. He works in IT at Penn.

I forget this guy's name, but he had the best guy costume of all. And he brought a date.

Very cute witch girl brought along by Colin and Jeremy. They were Mormons. I took a couple of pictures of them with my phone, but they didn't turn out very well.

Greg's brother, Bill.

Colorful witch. Jane's Alice in Wonderland. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good picture of her.

She is an extremely generous hostess.

Lisa Marie's was the best girl costume. She is a futuristic Lady Gaga.

Jane's devil-eyed dog, Lola.

The demure Snoopy.

Chicago Dog.

Notice the warning sign to the left.

I often choose costumes that are puns. Can you guess the pun here?
Luke as a Super Mario Brother

He was allowed no candy with nuts even near it.

At school.

That's all for now. Will update you with dishwasher pics later.............................................


Casey said…
You're my favorite deviled egg!